Minesweeper w00t game

emoticon emoticonNFO for WindowsXP.Minesweeper.TRAINER-EMPORiO

WindowsXP Minesweeper© Microsoft TRAINER Release Date : 02-11-2005 Protection : StarForce 3.6 File Count : 01×05MB Game Genre : w00t Action Game info: Minesweeper is the uber1337 game in Windows, Use your flag to flag mines wtf lol ? Use cillitbang to completely remove all mines :> More game information can be found on: www.microsoft.com ENJOY!

Release Notes: Don’t move your mouse while running the trainer! Oh yeh, we did this cuz we we’re bored! *Note: Only tested on WinXP and works in all modes.

Group Notes: We’re currently looking for some talented coders in ASM and C++ emp@no-steam.org

Install Notes: 1. Unpack the trainer with WinRAR or WinACE ├Ť ├Ť 2. Run and ruin your scores :]

We liek pwning and stuff, but will we stop? We also don’t pay money for our games! nico!NoGrp


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