Bunny Day 2006

South central Wisconsin residents had the opportunity to dive into Bunny Day 2006 on Sunday.

The non-profit Wisconsin House Rabbit Society hosted its annual fundraiser today in Madison. The event featured a veterinarian and expert on rabbit health as well as a rabbit behaviorist.


Society members say rabbits rank as the country's 3rd most popular pet but they also say people need to educate themselves before hopping toward a purchase.
Susan Smith, an educator and fosterer of rabbits from the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society says the furry animals are among the most common pets left at humane societies. "Bunnies are a lot of work. They're about as much work as a dog or cat so we want to make sure people have good information before they make that big decision, of is this the right pet for my family," says Smith.

She recommends bunnies for older children instead of younger ones because bunnies generally dislike being held.

Some of the bunnies at the even need homes. The Society rescues and fosters rabbits in the hope of finding them permanent places to live.
So ... love a bunny .. they will love u back :))


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