Richard Hammond este in spital.

Hamster s`a accidentat intr`u dragster care mergea cu 315mph .. care ar putea sa devina si noul record de viteza in UK. Chiar sunt ingrijorat de starea de sanatate a lu` Hamnster ... imi placea la nebunie modul in care se prezenta Top Gear pana acum.

September 21, 2006

CRITICALLY—ILL TV star Richard Hammond has shown a slight improvement in his condition overnight.

The Top Gear host was left fighting for his life after a horror 315mph smash in a rocket-powered car.
A BBC statement today said: "We are pleased to hear that Richard has improved slightly overnight, but we continue to be concerned about his condition and we are keeping in touch with his family.
"The circumstances of this accident will be fully investigated by the BBC, and this process began last night.
"We will, of course, be fully co-operating with any investigation by the police and the Health and Safety Executive.
"Until the BBC's investigation is complete, it would be inappropriate to comment on the details of what happened."
Wife Mindy, 35 — who has been at his bedside since his "utterly horrific" smash — said she was confident he would pull through.
She said: “He’s the strongest man in the world.
"He’s a bit daft, but I love him to bits."
Richard’s dragster car crashed and somersaulted at a reported 315mph — which would be a new UK land speed record.
He briefly regained consciousness after the crash and spoke to rescuers — but blacked out before being flown to hospital on a spinal board.

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later edit : he is oke .. uh ! :D


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