The best solo PVP Guild Wars Ranger

With this build u do close to 2 800 damage over 60 seconds ... that's 46.6 damage per second (dps). Highest average dps over 5 seconds (as seen in the picture) is 83 ... and the lowest is 39 (when u have to reapply read the wind).

In a 24 seconds un average 60 dps with this skills. 1440 dmg in 24 seconds. Thats how much damage u cand do with a single apply of read the wind. Max damage was 145 and death occured after 9 seconds

On an average 450 life per character .. that's a lot of dead players by your hand. Using Prepared Shot u have virtually no energy problem whatsoever. Long bow + read the wind + favorable winds + higher ground = makes you a deadly ranger.

I use this build mostly in AB and RA and with the 10 sec +10 regen from restful breeze and combined with 41 seconds 75% block chance (lightning -> whirlwind -> again lightning) u can take a lot of heat before you go down.

Ultimate Ranger

Level: 20

Expertise: 14 (12+2)
Marksmanship: 15 (12+3)
Healing Prayers: 3

Sundering Attack (Marksmanship)
If Sundering Attack hits, you strike for +18 damage and this attack has 20% armor penetration.
Energy:4.4 Cast:1 Recharge:3

Penetrating Attack (Marksmanship)
If Penetrating Attack hits, you strike for +18 damage and this attack has 20% armor penetration.
Energy:4.4 Cast:1 Recharge:3

Prepared Shot [Elite] (Marksmanship)
If this attack hits, you strike for +25 damage. If you are under the effects of a Preparation, you gain 9 Energy.
Energy:2.2 Cast:Bow Speed Recharge:6

Read the Wind (Marksmanship)
For 24 seconds, your arrows move twice as fast and deal 10 extra damage.
Energy:2.2 Cast:2 Recharge:12

Favorable Winds (Marksmanship)
Create a level 10 Spirit. For non-Spirit creatures within its range, arrows move twice as fast as normal and strike for +6 damage. This Spirit dies after 150 seconds.
Energy:2.2 Cast:5 Recharge:60

Restful Breeze (Healing Prayers)
For 10 seconds, target ally has +10 Health regeneration. This Enchantment ends if that ally attacks or uses a Skill.
Energy:5 Cast:1 Recharge:8

Whirling Defense (Expertise)
For 19 seconds, you have 75% chance to block attacks. Whenever you block a projectile in this way, adjacent foes take 11 damage.
Energy:4.4 Cast:0 Recharge:60

Lightning Reflexes (Expertise)
For 11 seconds, you have a 75% chance to block melee and projectile attacks, and you attack 33% faster.
Energy:4.4 Cast:0 Recharge:30


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