Busy reading my spam!

Nici nu ma puteam gandi ca a imi citi spamul poate sa fie asa de amuzant :)))

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  1. What is a real man without a 9 inch manhood?

  2. da da ... parca o vazusem si pe asta :)

  3. A penis is a terrible thing to waste.
    =))) so true

  4. Turn your grass snake into an ANACONDA :)) asta e deja opera literara.

  5. you have it small? we help!

    asta era de la ceva natie dubiosa care vorbeste engleza doar cand filmeaza :))

  6. pentru ca .. cum a punctat si irina mai sus .... a penis is a terrible thing to waste :)

  7. Se mai pot adauga :))
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    ~ Gain the greatest Schlong ever!
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