Im ruled by Ur Anus

Ce poate sa fie mai trist ca asta? Aaaaaa dah ... un site random de astrologie sa iti zica ca esti nascut intr`o zi care nu este norocoasa. Pai daca nu e norocoasa ... atunci ce poate sa fie? Probabil ca ar trebui sa fiu incantat in fiecare zi in care nu mi se intampla nush ce freak accident

Your personal ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

Your Karma means strength through tribulation. Your birth date is not a lucky date, and indicates that even for some small successes you might at first have to work hard indeed. You find it difficult to receive help from others and even feel as though your relatives are reluctant to give support.


  1. parca nu credeai in asa ceva :-? .don't worry se poate si mai rau gen peste cu probleme emotionale si depresii la pachet, leu cu un ego cat jumate de glob and so on. partea buna a lucrurilor e ca jumate din varsatorii planetei ajung celebrii, de cealalta jumate n-are rost sa mentionez ca oricum nu te incadrezi :P

  2. oh, you may have to kill yoursel just to make sure nothing awful will ever happen to you... i don't know if I can take it.

  3. shut up, varsatorii sunt the luckiest and most creative persons i know :)) not 2 mention cuute :D


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