32 de probleme ce apar frecvent in tarile din lumea civilizata

  1. I had too much food for lunch and now I'm tired
  2. My smartphone changes "lol" to "LOL" making me sound more amused than I actually am.
  3. I forgot to bring my phone with me when I went to poop and I was bored the entire time.
  4. I'm kind of hungry, but my roommate has guests over, so if I go into the kitchen I'm going to have to introduce myself.
  5. I was filling in a form online and they didn't put "United States" at the top of the country drop-down.
  6. I sometimes worry that I won't live long enough to ride a cloned dinosaur.
  7. When I put my spoon into my empty pudding cup, it tips over.
  8. I want to read in the bathtub but I'm afraid my kindle would electrocute me.
  9. My hand is too fat to shove into the Pringles container so I am forced to tilt it.
  10. Sometimes a .gif doesn't download very fast and I have to look away until it is finished so i don't spoil it.
  11. I didn't have a shitty childhood, so I can't turn my pain into art.
  12. I have to find my own girlfriend because my culture doesn't practice arranged marriages.
  13. Something just beeped, and I have no idea what.
  14. There was no more Kleenex in the bathroom at work so I had to blow my nose with paper towels like a savage.
  15. Whenever I open a box of frozen food, I throw away the box...and then have to retrieve it a minute later from the garbage to see how long it cooks.
  16. I'm trying to text while at a red light, but I keep making all the greens.
  17. My ISP dosn't recognize my small town, so all the hot local girls from the ads who want to date me are in an adjacent town.
  18. My WiFi doesn't reach around my house because it's too big.
  19. My hot water ran out 45 minutes into my shower.
  20. "No YouPorn, I don't want to play poker - I'm at work"
  21. My iPod died while I was at the gym, so I had to exercise without music
  22. I can't hear the TV while I'm eating crunchy snacks
  23. The 3rd setting on my car's air conditioner is too weak, and the 4th is too strong.
  24. All my passwords are on autocomplete, so I don't know what they are anymore.
  25. I accidentally touched my mouse while watching a movie. Now I have to wait a few seconds for the interface to go away.
  26. I don't play video games or watch TV because I have to study, and I don't study because I don't feel like it, so I end up doing nothing
  27. My phone auto-corrected "porn" to "poem" and now my girlfriend's expectations for this evening are totally wrong.
  28. Google street view hasnt been back past my house since I finished my new landscaping
  29. Someone left me a voicemail, and now I have to call my voicemail to get rid of the icon.
  30. The wireless internet I am stealing isn't very fast.
  31. McDonald's only gave me 3 BBQ sauces for my 20 piece chicken nuggets so now I have to ration them.
  32. My laptop is low on battery, but the charger is over there.


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