Care este cel mai misto kill intr-un FPS?

Totul a pornit de la video-ul asta (care din cate imi aduc aminte e regizat)


 Ca sa aflu ca de fapt in Primul Razboi Mondial ceva asemanator chiar s-a intamplat:

Donald also became famous for his miraculous escape from death having fallen from his Sopwith Camel at 6000 feet in 1917. On that fateful summer's afternoon he attempted a new manoeuvre in his Sopwith Camel and flew the machine up and over, and as he reached the top of his loop, hanging upside down, his safety belt snapped and he fell out. He was not wearing a parachute as a matter of policy. Incredibly, the Camel had continued its loop downwards, and Donald landed on its top wing. He grabbed it with both hands, hooked one foot into the cockpit and wrestled himself back in, struggled to take control, and executed "an unusually good landing". In an interview given 55 years later he explained, "The first 2,000 feet passed very quickly and terra firma looked damnably 'firma'. As I fell I began to hear my faithful little Camel somewhere nearby. Suddenly I fell back onto her. 
Iar apoi m-am gandit ca as putea incerca sa gasesc cel mai misto kill intr-un shooter


Desi mie imi place mai mult asta din Battlefield 3 :)


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