Social Media Review: Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Pentru cei care n-au vazut meciul de azi de dimineata, dar si-ar dori sa stie cam ce s-a intamplat, incropesc aceasta prima editie de social media review. Ce este un SMR in capul meu? O insiruire de citate reprezentative despre ceea ce s-a intamplat pe subiectul respectiv. Cu alte cuvinte, copy paste-uri de twitturi, FB update, Reddit comments si ce mai gasesc eu prin "timeline"-ul meu.

Las Vegas airport flooded with private jets hours before Mayweather vs Pacquiao
  • all show, no fight.
  • If this fight was supposed to resurrect boxing. It buried it for good.
  • Everyone but the fans won tonight. Pacquiao won't lose any sleep over that 142.67€ million he just earned, too
  • I love how all the fans are booing mayweather #MayPac
  • Best comment on FB: "Someone tell Mayweather he is meant to hug his wife and punch the guy in the ring, and not the other way around'
  • I feel like I just watched Rocky IV, and Ivan Drago won.
  • Mayweather hugged Pacquiao more than my parents hugged me my whole life
  • If that was the fight of the century, we are damn close to achieving world peace.
  • Statistics of the fight: Pacquiao: 240 hits and 30 successful. Mayweather: 256 Hugs and 45 kilometers running.
  • Just read that this is 89.17€ to view at home in the USA? If that's true that's crazy.
  • And at this restaurant called Buffalo Wild Wings is 17.83€ a seat to watch the fight.
  • this is not what i didnt pay for...
  • That fight was like my middle school dance. 20 minutes of awkwardly hugging and circling the floor.
  • I wish they would have gone 12 more rounds. They both were still in great condition at the end of the fight.
  • Jimmy Kimmel should invite Floyd to read mean tweets.
Daca v-a placut, poate mai fac pe viitor. 


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