[Video] 12 motive pentru care baile noastre sunt inca in secolul XX

Am vazut filmuletul asta de mai jos si m-am simtit ca un salbatic. Un primitiv care este obisnuit sa faca atata risipa doar pentru un simplu dus. Nu mai zic nimic de modularitate, logica si utilitate.


The unit we're living in was built in the 90's, so it's almost 20 years old. We live in what the Japanese call a mansion, which is what people in the West call an apartment. It's about 70 square metres, which is roughly 750 square feet. There's three bedrooms 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 toilet, 1 washroom sink, and 1 bathing / shower area. While some people in Tokyo thing it's kind of a spacious place, it's not anything special. Rent is about 892.7€ a month so we're not living in some fancy place. (de aici)
Bine naiba ca n-am ajuns in Japonia sa ma fac de ras in fata alora.


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